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Short Articles & Opinion

The Political Economy of Right-Wing Populism in the United States

2024, ProMarket

Beyond Grievance Politics

2024, Law and Liberty

The New Republican Coalition

2024, National Review

The Myth of Republican Radicalism

2023, Fusion

The Limits of Class Analysis

2023, Law and Liberty

Our Partisan Future

2023, Law and Liberty

The Future of Immigration Politics

2023, Law and Liberty

Choosing How We Vote

2022, Law and Liberty

The Mythical Progressive-Conservative Voter

2022, Law and Liberty


Nostalgia for 1990s Conservatism

2022, Law and Liberty

Surveying the American Right

2022, Law and Liberty

Partisan Democracy

2021, Law and Liberty

Lessons of Glenn Youngkin’s Shocking Victory in Virginia Governor’s Race

2021, The New York Post

The Promise of Populism

2021, Law and Liberty


Stranger Things in Reaganland

2021, Law and Liberty


After National Conservatism

2021, Law and Liberty

The Working-Class-Party Myth, and What Really Motivates Voters

2020, National Review


A Liberal History of Conservatism

2020, The Washington Examiner

Battle for the Boomers

2020, The Spectator

The Man Behind the Curtain?

2020, Law and Liberty

Talk Radio, Take One

2020, Law and Liberty

Takin' It to the Streets

2020, Law and Liberty

Are Trump Supporters Anti-Muslim?

2019, The Brookings Institution 

Surviving Russophobia

2019, Law and Liberty

What Really Happened in the Last Presidential Race?

2019, Law and Liberty


9 Books on Political Behavior that Every Student of Politics Should Read

2019, The Intercollegiate Review

What are the Real Fault Lines Dividing Americans?

2019, Law and Liberty

The Alt-Right's Moment has Come and Gone

2018, The American Conservative​

Survey Data Indicates a Complicated Relationship between Religion and Racial Attitudes

​2018, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs​

Religion or Party?

​2018, The Intercollegiate Review​

The Demography of the Alt-Right

​2018, Institute for Family Studies​

Welcome to the Party, Pal

​2018, Law and Liberty

What if We Cannot Escape Identity Politics?

​2018, The Intercollegiate Review

America’s Polarization Has Nothing To Do With Ideology

​2018, The American Conservative​

Lee Edwards’ Just Right and the Lessons of Movement Politics

​2018, Law and Liberty​

The Radical Right is a Threat to Some Individuals but will Never Hold Political Power

​2018, The Washington Post

What the Abortion Debate Hath Wrought

2017, Law and Liberty

Bannon's World of Political Warcraft

​2017, Law and Liberty

George Hawley on His Book Making Sense of the Alt-Right

2017, Rorotoko

The European Roots of the Alt-Right

2017, Foreign Affairs


Some Conservatives have been Against Capitalism for Centuries

​​2017, The American Conservative


The Alt-Right is Not Who You Think They Are

2017, The American Conservative

Is there Really a Racial Divide Between North and South?

2017, The American Conservative


How Marriage and Mortgages Influence Election Outcomes

2017, Institute for Family Studies


No, Americans are Not Polarized by Ideology

2017, The American Conservative


Is the Religious Right to Blame for Christianity's Decline?

2017, The American Conservative

​​What Americans Think About Open Marriages

2017, The American Conservative

How Many People Actually Feel "White Guilt"?

2017, The American Conservative

Does the Religious Right's Decline Help the Alt-Right?

2017, The American Conservative

How Donald Trump Can Change Conservatism

​2017, The New York Times

Did the 2016 Election Provide a Blueprint for the Future Success of the Republican Party?

​2017, Starting Points (with Carson Holloway)

A Right-Wing Revolt Against Trump? Dream On

2016, New York Daily News

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