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A partial list of my recent speaking events is below. Hyperlinks lead to recordings or transcripts.

Laundered Identity: The Ambiguous Place of Right-Wing Identity Politics in the U.S.” (online) Presented at “Blurring Boundaries? Illiberal conservatism and the New Right” workshop at SCRIPTS Berlin (Research Units Borders and Orders) and OEI Sociology, Freie Universität Berlin.

“Islam and Populism in the United States.” Presented at the “Muslims in the West” workshop at the Brookings Institute, March 2019.

“Lessons from the Alt-Right’s Rise and Fall.” Presented at the Centre of Excellence for National Security “Age of Rages” workshop, Singapore, February 2019.

“The Extreme Right and Health Care Policy.” Presented at the University of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences, December 2018.

“Does the Conservative Movement have a Future?” Presented at the University of Georgia Department of Political Science, November 2018.

"Will Social Media Save Democracy?" Panel discussion at the Cato Institute, June 1, 2018.


The Alt-Right in the United States and Beyond Over the Last Decade.” Panel discussion part of the Berkeley Center conference on “Christianity and the Alt-Right,” held at Georgetown University,

Is the Alt-Right Collapsing?” Presented to the Center for Right-Wing Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, 2018


“The Strange Rise of the Alt-Right,” Leadership Birmingham/Leadership Alabama 2017, Birmingham, AL, October 2017.


Intellectuals and Trump: Understanding our Disruptive Moment.” The Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies, the program was part of the “2017 Conservative/Progressive Summit,” Grand Rapids, MI, May 2017

In Conversation: George Hawley,” International Center for Photography, the program was held in conjunction with the “Right-Wing Fringe and the 2016 Election” section of the ICP Museum's current exhibition, Perpetual Revolution: The Image and Social Change. New York, NY

“The Rise of the Extreme Right,” Public Affairs Week 2017, Baruch College, Marxe School of Public and International Affairs, New York, NY

“Author Meets His Critics:Right-Wing Critics of American Conservatism,” Panel discussion at the 2017 Western Political Science Association Conference, Vancouver, Canada


What is the Future of the Conservative Movement?” Election Day presentation at the Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy, Columbia, MO


“Demographic Change and the State of the LCMS.” Presentation in 2016 to the leadership of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, St. Louis, MO


“Right-Wing Critics of American Conservatism.” Presented in fall 2015 at the University of Alabama Department of Political Science Speaker Colloquium, Tuscaloosa, AL

“Polarized Politics: How to Restore Trust in Government.” Presented in spring

2014 at the University of Alabama Honors College, Tuscaloosa, AL

“Is Social Media Networking an Effective Campaigning Strategy?” Webinar presented in spring 2014 for the Manning Centre for Building Democracy, Calgary, Canada

“Will Immigration Reform Save the GOP? Rethinking the Media Narrative.” Presented at the 2013 Changing Face of America Institute: Inside the Latino Vote and Immigration Reform, Berkeley,

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