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No, that isn't me

When I was first considering a website, I initially thought wordpress might be the way to go. Well, it turned out that is already taken! And it's a politics blog, offering "straight talk by George Hawley." Let me just go ahead and tell you all now that I'm not that guy.

The title of the blog is "Democracy or Hypocracy." I'm going to give the other George Hawley the benefit of the doubt and infer that he was making some kind of joke; I assume he did not accidentally make a spelling error in the title of his own blog. He also has not updated the site in a few years. In fact, he only made two posts. If it were me, I would just delete the blog after deciding that blogging isn't really my thing.

I won't offer any opinion on his opinions. That's not something I really do anymore. Still, just in case an enterprising googler thought he had stumbled on my real opinion of Todd Akin, let it be known that he hasn't.

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