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Voting and Migration Patterns in the U.S. now in paperback

My first book, Voting and Migration Patterns in the U.S. was just re-released in paperback, and at a much more reasonable price. It is available from Amazon or directly from Routledge. It is otherwise identical to the original; I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to provide any updates.

Below are some of the book's endorsements:

"Where we choose to live is clearly affecting our politics. George Hawley tells how migration is shaping the vote by explaining why Americans live where they do today."

—Bill Bishop, co-author of The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded America Is Tearing Us Apart

"George Hawley has made a major contribution to renewed interest in political demography with his new book.He ably reviews the recent literature that documents some of the most prominent consequences of 21st century demography. Hawley’s analysis reveals how major demographic shifts in marriage and family formation, urban-rural divergence, and racial-ethnic population movement are important aspects of these political shifts. He demonstrates there is evidence that, for a growing number of Americans, the desire to live in neighborhoods where their social and political values are congruent with their neighbors is a contributing factor to the geographic polarization that now overlaps with partisan polarization in America. For scholars and citizens interested in the driving forces of political change in the United States, this book is a must-read."

—Richard W. Murray, University of Houston

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