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Why blogging has been light

This is just to note that I have not given up on blogging, but I do presently have more pressing concerns. I recently wrapped up a big consulting project, and I am now scrambling to finish a first draft of a book I am writing about the meaning of the Trump campaign. This book is largely a follow-up of Right-Wing Critics, as I think Trump's success up to this point vindicates much of what I said in that book about the present weakness of the conservative movement. Although I must acknowledge that recent events have proven me wrong on a couple of points. I am hopeful that I will have a draft of that book ready for peer review within a couple of months -- maybe less than that. Once I get that out the door, I want to finish up the book I've been working on about demographic change and secularization. All of this is on top of teaching and university service requirements. There are only so many hours in the day, and blogging is pretty far down my priority list at the moment.

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