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Post-election media round up

It's been a frantic month here, as I've been trying to finish a draft of my latest book, which I hope to submit for review tomorrow. On top of that I've been receiving incessant e-mails asking for commentary, both about the election and the Alt-Right. Things seem to be calming down now, and I hope to be able to start blogging again over the break and knocking out other things on my to-do list. When my third child arrives next month, life will get hectic again, but for now I will try not to think about that. Anyway, below are some of my more notable media appearances in recent weeks.

I don't really bill myself as an election forecaster, but I was apparently one of the few political scientists that predicted a Trump win, and my predictions for the Electoral College were very close to the real results. had a story about that.

Following that, I also gave a few additional comments to on the question of "which president does Donald Trump already remind us of, if any?" And then provided quotes to another story on the developing narrative that Trump won because of "uneducated voters."

Then I gave a comment to The Anniston Star about Jeff Session's possible future.

I started getting bigger venues when I spoke to W. James Antle at The Washington Examiner about Trump and the election.

Things really picked up after The Washington Post published a long interview with me on Steve Bannon, Trump, and the Alt-Right. I also gave some comments to Jason Wilson of The Guardian at about the same time.

After that, I did lots of interviews with foreign press; much of it was not published in English. I won't provide all of those links, but I will mention a panel I was part of on BBC radio.

My last book also got a mention in a Bloomberg story about how Trump represents the revival of paleoconservatism.

I also gave a few comments to The Christian Science Monitor on the question of how the media should talk about the Alt-Right.

The WaPo story also led me to be quoted in lots of venues that did not speak to me directly. Again, I won't provide most of these links, but I must say that I never thought I would ever see my name in Marie Claire or Cosmopolitan.

Things are now back to normal, and I can go back to spending my days silently in my office. It's been a fun ride, but it's nice that the news cycle is no longer so closely aligned with my research agenda.

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