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Mistakes in Making Sense of the Alt-Right

Although I try to be careful in all of my work, sometimes mistakes slip through. As I did with Right-Wing Critics, I will keep a tally of all the mistakes in Making Sense of the Alt-Right. Unfortunately, it is now too late to make corrections to the forthcoming hardback release, but I can make changes to the Kindle version, as well as any future editions that may come out -- as I did for the upcoming paperback edition of Right-Wing Critics.

Anyway, for Making Sense, there are really two tiers of mistakes. The first are genuine mistakes, factual errors that I made at the time I was writing. The second are not really mistakes, but new developments I could not have foreseen at the time. For now, I do not have much to add to either list, but as more people read and review the book, I suspect they will grow. Although I hope it does not grow too long. If you read the book and catch more errors, please contact me.


On page 37, I said that Alain de Benoist spoke at an American Renaissance conference. In fact, Benoist spoke at a National Policy Institute conference.

New Developments:

When discussing the consequences of various doxing incidents in late 2016 and early 2017, I noted that "Fash the Nation," a popular Alt-Right podcast, shut down after the editors of "The Right Stuff" website were doxed. At the time, this was true. But since I submitted the final draft of the book, that podcast has resumed.

Early in the text I said that the Alt-Right does not typically engage in real-world violence, preferring instead to focus on online trolling and harassment. In fact, I noted that its footprint in the real world was slight. At the time I wrote those words, this was generally true. In wake of Charlottesville, that assessment needs to be updated. I will not say anything about ongoing investigations into the violence that ended in dozens of injuries and one fatality, but if I were writing the book today, I would not have used that language. In my defense, I did include the caveat that this could change at any time, and vigilance is therefore necessary.

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