Some updates

April 24, 2018

I've been busy in recent months. Mostly writing a new short book on the Alt-Right for Oxford University Press. 


I've also written a few short pieces lately. I reviewed Vegas Tenold's book for The Washington Posand Lee Edwards' memoirs for Law and LibertyI also reviewed some of the recent research on political polarization for The American Conservative.


I'm still thinking through what I will focus on this summer. I have been meaning to reorient my research toward religion and politics, but I have a few other unrelated projects that are not quite finished, so I should probably wrap them up first. The good news is that I recently learned I will be awarded tenure and promotion at the start of the next academic year, so I no longer need to work with the same sense of urgency. I've written six books in the last six years, and am ready to slow down for a bit.


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